ULTRA FITNESS 2x Forearm Hand Gripper


Soft Foam Finger Gripper equipment for Quickly Wrist Forearm and Finger Strength Hand Grip. It can often use to promote blood circulation and offers easy adjustment to suit your desired exercise and to allow you to increase the amount of resistance as your strength develops, provides effective rehabilitation to your fingers and hands. This grip exerciser is for arm grip strengthening, office workers, musicians, athletes, rock climbers, tennis players, Crossfit, sports where arm coordination is required. Unique design firm, durable and suitable for practical fitness movement.


  • 2x hand grip exerciser for hands and Forearm strength.
  • Chrome steel enhanced spring to endure long term.
  • Non-slip handle makes it enjoyable and comfortable to use.
  • Very convenient, can be used anywhere and anytime.
  • Easy to use, lightweight and works effectively.

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