Boxing Punch Bag with Gloves & Iron Ceiling Hook


Product Description:

ULTRA FITNESS Kids Junior Punch Bag Boxing Set Filled Heavy With Gloves & Chain MMA Training ULTRA FITNESS junior punch bag is made of double layers of leather for enhanced durability and comes in a child-friendly size of 2ft (3ft with chain) which has extraordinary strength and life. The punch bag is carefully stitched and checked for every detail before it is filled to the highest standard. The set includes chrome steel swivel and includes a pair of 6oz children bag gloves with Ceiling Hook. The bag is filled with shredded-textiles that allow an improved shock-absorbing ability. After filling we use to check the strength by using each bag with different means. Tethered loop facility at the base of the punching bag ensures swing reduction. Essential training aid for keeping fit, exercise, boxing, MMA kickboxing, karate, and other martial arts. Ceiling hook Boxed set includes D Shackle and appropriate screws and plugs, Ideal for garages and for when extra room is required. Now designed to fit perfectly into wooden beams, outdoor and indoor ceilings & comes with appropriate screws and plugs. Chain length is 45cm approx from top to bottom. The bag is suitable for 6-15 years old kids.

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