Color: Pink

This is a brand new pair of is medically proved Authentic ankle mitts. These are made of a durable and comfortable elasticized fabric blend. Consisting out of 38% Polyester, 16% Rayon and 46% Elastic, this quality support bandage is instrumental for tendovaginitis, sprain, and strain. It surrounds the weakened muscles which thermal tension and therefore helps also with rheumatism.Ideal support when performing those intensive training sessions. They provide sound support for training or competing, these are a must for your training.

  • Unique batwing design conforms to the ankle for added comfort and secure fit.
  • Easy pullover Recommended for an ankle injury.
  • Elasticated and stretches to provide a snug fit around the foot and ankle area.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Available in a number of colors and sizes.

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