Neck Harness for Weight Lifting with Long Steel Chain and Neoprene Head Cap


ULTRA FITNESS Neck Harness for Weight Lifting, Resistance Training, or Injury Recovery with Long Steel Chain and Neoprene Head Cap, Improve Muscle Strength. During the workout, Stainless steel D rings ensure to provide stability. Built using high-quality neoprene our neck exerciser won't break due to daily wear. when you’re moving your head and neck back and forth Head adjustable strap and fastening system helps to keep it stay in place and to ensure weights don’t swing into your face. it’s quite balanced when supporting weights, you can focus on exercising, getting stronger, or recovering faster post-injury. D rings design allows you to do up and down lifting and left and right pulls to fully exercise your neck and keep neck healthy. When your neck and head moving back and forth position the adjustable strap and velcro closure fastening system helps to a stable weight.


  • Weight lifting neck harness is a useful tool for those who are looking to strengthen neck and increases Muscle stability as well.
  • It holds weight properly without pulling from one side.
  • The neck harness allows you to work out neck muscles all over your neck at all angles
  • Most suitable for bodybuilding, boxing, kickboxers, martial arts, football, MMA fighters, water polo, and any kind of sports player.
  • One size fits all and available in Black color.

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