Product Description:

Height Adjustable Speedball Speedbag Wooden Platform. This is a high-quality product and tested at home and in Gyms. This product will help improve your boxing technique and upper body muscle tone. Enjoy great workouts with confidence. This platform has a height-adjustable frame to allow the user to adjust the height accordingly. It has an INFLATABLE bladder inside which can be pumped using a normal football pump. The Speed-ball Platform provides a great training aid for MMA, Boxing, Martial arts and so much more. Anyone training in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, etc will need to learn to keep their hands up and shift weight between feet when punching.

  • 18 mm thick & 600 mm diameter MDF Speedball Platform. The wooden platform can be held in place onto the wall using the metal bracket.
  • Authentic PU Leather Speedball lined inside with 2 layers of textiles to give it extra strength. (Hand Stitched)
  • The speedball is great for hand speed work and agility, improving balance and giving a rhythm to the fighter.

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