BOXERCISE SET- Hook&Jab Pads, Gloves and Hand Wraps

Color: White&Black


Ideal for Boxing, Sparring, MMA Training, and Boxercise. They are easy to use and comfortable to wear during boxing training Comes with Velcro Support for easy on/off a Curved shaped top quality made of section leather usage in kickboxing, boxing, martial arts, and cardio exercises.


  • Anatomically designed for optimum comfort, grip, support, and absorption.
  • Velcro Straps, Gel lining for increased protection and safety, Perfect for sparring, heavy bag and pad work and all kinds of boxing training.
  • Ideal for accuracy and development of speed combinations, Pro-style design ideal for training With target zone.
  • High impact foam which is both lightweight & shock absorbing.
  • Set Includes Pads + Gloves + Hand Wraps.

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