Boxing Gel Sparring Glove Punching Bag Mitts Training MMA Size Range


ULTRA FITNESS Boxing Gloves Gel Sparring Glove Punching Bag Mitts Training MMA Size Range

Ideal for Boxing, Sparring, MMA Training High-Quality Leather Padded they are easy to use and comfortable to wear during boxing training Comes with Velcro Support for easy on/off. These particular Boxing Gloves are the very first product ever made and released by ULTRA FITNESS. Therefore we are extremely proud and impressed by the level of performance, durability, and reliability provided so these Boxing gloves will go down in our history and will be an ever-present in our range. Offering all the professional features. Built to protect the most aggressive heavyweight punchers from injury, these gloves can take what you want to give out! Specially designed to ensure that contact pressure is dispensed as evenly as possible throughout the glove. Therefore, reducing the chance of injury by promoting even strike wave distribution. The multi-layering of the foam (not found in standard gloves) also assist the strike wave distribution and protects your much-needed hands from unnecessary injury.

  • HIGH TECH REX leather which is soft yet provides increased durability
  • Anatomically designed for optimum comfort, grip, support, and absorption
  • Velcro Straps, Gel lining for increased protection and safety
  • Perfect for sparring, heavy bag and pad work and all kinds of boxing training
  • Size/Weight range from 4oz to 16oz

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