10mm Leather Lever Buckle Belt Camo



ULTRA FITNESS Top quality professional powerlifting advanced lever closure belt, also great for training, strongman training, and even everyday training. The lever is especially good for getting on and off quickly and ensuring you get the same tightness each time. Belt has been made with quality suede leather and the lever buckle has been made from stainless steel. ** Note: Measure your waist between your ribs and hips (around the belly button). You can't use your pant size to determine the size of your belt.


  • Excellent core support for power-lifting, weightlifting and gym training.
  • 10mm thick and 4 inches wide, Heavy Duty Stitching will provide years of support.
  • Perfect to give added support for heavy lifts which require you to brace your core such as squatting, deadlifting and pressing as well as strongman events.
  • Lever design allows quick and easy use of the belt - no fiddling around with the prongs, simply flip it shut straight to your preferred tightness.

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