ULTRA FITNESS Heavy Duty Ab Sling Strap Body workout Pull-bar


ULTRA FITNESS Ab Sling Straps Rip-Resistant Heavy Duty Pair for Pull Up Bar Hanging Leg Raiser Fitness with D-ring Steel Quick handles Arm Padding for Abdominal Training Workout Equipment. Straps made with a high-quality material woven and lining brushed nylon that doesn't hurt the arms, palms and elbows, Fits all bar sizes. These sling straps have Maximum efficiency and Large padded support to protect your arms & elbows. This durable gym equipment helps to improve abdominal muscles and the upper body, build the strength. Most beneficial to get six packs and achieve the targets you deserve.


  • Ab sling abdominal strong straps are made woven lining Nylon with double padded stitching, minimize stress to the arms and increase stability in arms.
  • Long and huge Carbine provide a more comfortable grip and easily attaches to any chin-up bar, pull up bar in the gym. ab sling is useful on any bar at home or Gym.
  • Helps to develop ab muscles and for improvement of the abdominal muscles and the upper body.
  • Ideal for Male and female to perform the functional training, bodybuilding, oblique knee & leg raises.

This equipment is perfect for abdominal abs and to build strength in Muscles core.

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