BOXERCISE SET- Hook&Jab Pads, Gloves and Hand Wraps



Ideal for Boxing, Sparring, MMA Training, and Boxercise. They are easy to use and comfortable to wear during boxing training Comes with Velcro Support for easy on/off a Curved shaped top quality made of section leather usage in kickboxing, boxing, martial arts, and cardio exercises.


  • Anatomically designed for optimum comfort, grip, support, and absorption.
  • Velcro Straps, Gel lining for increased protection and safety, Perfect for sparring, heavy bag and pad work and all kinds of boxing training.
  • Ideal for accuracy and development of speed combinations, Pro-style design ideal for training With target zone.
  • High impact foam which is both lightweight & shock absorbing.
  • Set Includes Pads + Gloves + Hand Wraps.

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