ULTRA FITNESS Barbell Pad Pink

Color: Pink

Product Description:

Barbell Pad Supports Squat Bar Weight Lifting Pull Up Gripper Neck Shoulder Protective. The flexible material can reduce the shock from the barbell when weightlifting training. Professional shoulder pads for fitness lifting exercise: Squats and lunges, There is no doubt that squatting has a lot of benefits and it should be included in any workout regimen. Yet, so few people don’t squat because of various reasons, one of them being back and shoulder pains. Using a barbell pad can solve this issue really quickly. Allows for greater proper form. Simply snap the pad to the center of your bar and you're perfectly centered for every set. Performs good buffer action, effectively disperses stress exerted by barbell to the body. Ergonomic design for even weight distribution across the shoulders.Other than that this product should work great for any type of barbell exercise using both heavy or light weights.

  • Squat and Thrust More Weight With Extra Comfort
  • Professional standard barbell pad is the solution to squat and hip thrust heavier loads be giving you more comfort across the neck, shoulders, and upper back.
  • Fantastic for behind the neck shoulder presses. Cushion heavier weights across a wider area.
  • Its length is 38.1 cm and circumference 27.94 cm.
  • Advanced anti-slip material (Rexion PU leather) ensures the pad will not shift or roll around from the bar.

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