Product Description:

Chrome metal has been specially shaped and made for punch bags. Both products have been powder coated to give it Standard 6-Panel Bag Chain consists of a set of solid chains and swivels that are suitable for most hanging bags. These wall brackets or ceiling hook and chains are made from high-quality extra life and make them weatherproof and suitable for all environments. It can be affixed to wooden beams or drill fixed into other suitable places. Can hold up to 100 kg. Ideal for home and gym with a wall bracket or ceiling hook. It's Perfect for professional Boxers use.


  • ULTRA FITNESS Heavy Duty 6 strand punch bag chain.
  • Chrome coated for all-weather use treated with the Special formulation.
  • Tested for Strength and Endurance, Guaranteed quality satisfaction.
  • Chain length from top to bottom is 23.5 Inches.
  • It Can hold up to 100kg, Comes with all fixtures and fittings.

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