Punching Bag Ceiling Hook 7.5 inches


Product Description:

Ceiling Hook 7.5 inches Punching Bag 4 Holes Bracket Wall Boxing MMA Hanger Stand new punch bag ceiling hook bracket, now featuring our heavy-duty, made from top quality metal allowing the bag to remain secure at all times. Now painted with high-quality black-coated paint, due to the hook being substantially long and strong users are now able to hang bags that weigh up to 200KG from this hook. Users are able to hang the ceiling hook outdoors and indoors on simply just a ceiling beam. Coated with anti-rust paint.

  • Made to hang huge amounts of weights (up to approximately 100KG bags)
  • Extremely durable.
  • Made to eliminate most friction caused by other punch bag ceiling hook brackets.
  • It comes with appropriate screws and plugs.
  • It can be used in almost any style bag.

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