ULTRA FITNESS Speed Ball Boxing Punch Bag MMA Speed Bag Training speedball (Hand Stitched)

Color: Black and white

Authentic Speedball/bag made of high-quality region leather. It has an inflatable bladder which can be filled using a football pump. The speed-ball has a tie design with laces and the bladder can be replaced if needed. It is perfectly shaped for accurate rebounds TARGET design to speed and accuracy. Build your hand speed or improve your cardiovascular conditioning with this high-quality speedball. The speed-ball can be used with or without bag mitts, inner gloves or hand wraps. Hand Sticked Design and Tough construction.

  • ULTRA FITNESS Pear-shape Punching Speed Ball.
  • Each ball is individually shaped and balanced for rebound accuracy, Tough construction.
  • Ideal for Endurance Training, End Striking Ball to Develop Speed, Timing, and Fast Reflexes.

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