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Heavy Duty Knee Wraps made from high-quality poly-cotton Elasticised material, great piece of kit for protection against injuries whilst providing stability. These wraps are 72" long and 3" wide, long enough to wrap around knees several times, designed in a way which keeps them in place and doesn't slip around. knee wraps are one of the best for the price, with Velcro fastening system allowing the user to fully focus on the workout. One size fits all, sold as a pair. ULTRA FITNESS Knee wraps made of high-quality elasticatedpoly cotton material. 72" long and 3" wide Velcro fastening system Ideal for power weight lifting or heavy leg workout One size fits all and sold as a pair Fast Delivery and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


  • Offer unrivaled protection and support for even the most grueling of heavy leg workouts.
  • Fully Tested Safety features - stabilizing the knee and surrounding structures under heavy loads.
  • Super tight extreme rubber strand knee wraps design for the ultimate rebound.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT - NO MORE WORRIES - these knee compression support wraps won't slip, unroll or fall off. The stronger material provides the best support for heavy squats, cross training, leg presses, and high-intensity lifting.

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