ULTRA Fitness Weight Lifting Hooks Powder Coated Gym Fitness Exercise Training Hand Straps Wraps. This weight lifting hook is essential for your weight training as it relieves pressure and stress from your fingers and wrist. It does that through its unique Powder Coated Hooks which equally balances the weight between both hands and provides secure grip through transferring the weight to your arm, biceps, triceps, shoulder, and back muscles. Another added feature is it's Thick Anti Shock Neoprene Wrist Cushion Support padding which enhances stability during lifts. Each Hook is Powder Coated to provide the utmost secure grip whilst lifting heavyweights. The Velcro Strap on this weight lifting hook is 2" Wide to provide comfortable support and easy wrap around. One size fits all.

  • 7" Wide Power Coated Metal Hooks provides a No-Slip Grip.
  • Ideal if your wrists don't allow you to lift heavier weights in exercises such as dead-lifts Perfect for bodybuilders, allows you to lift heavier which overall gives the user a competitive advantage.
  • Hook strap with moisture-wicking capabilities keeps hands dry for added comfort.
  • An extremely good choice for a determined person to develop muscle mass. These hooks Customize your fit with the positioning loops.

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