ULTRA FITNESS Punch Bags set with Bracket (Black)


ULTRA FITNESS Boxing Filled punch bag with Gloves and Hanging Chain. Machine Filled with Shredded Textile filling. You can increase the weight up to 60kg with sand and heavy fabric. The bag is made of rexion leather and very durable. Heavy Duty Steel Chain, Comes with Swivel for 360 angle movement. It can hold up to 100kgs. The 2.8 m Skipping Rope/cable is easily adjusted to your height- even if you need an extra-long or short jump rope. This makes your skipping and Double Under much more efficient than with an off the shelf rope. This Boxing Gauze is suitable for use at any level of boxing for hand wrapping in training or competition. Manufactured to the highest standards, this gauze hand wrapping is strong, reliable and will mold to the contours of the fist to protect the hands and increase punching power. The bag's circumference is 90cm.


  • 1 x ULTRA FITNESS Filled Boxing punch bag 5ft or 4ft, Weight 20-25kg approx, Zipper top to adjust the weight.
  • 1 x Bag Gloves/Mitts padded with Gel foam padding.
  • 1 x Punch Bag hanging chain.
  • Chain length is 45cm approx from top to bottom
  • 1 x Heavy Duty 16 gauge Wall Bracket with complete fitting Screw.
  • 1 x Professional Boxing Speed Plastic skipping rope.
  • 1 x Boxing Hand Wraps Inner Gloves Fist Protector.

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